A Letter From Our Founder

Hello Everyone,

My name is Zeeshan and I am the Founder & Managing Editor of whatpriceis.com. I came up with the idea back in February of 2021 and immediately got to work on making the concept a reality. I am a hardcore technology enthusiast and have loved all things consumer electronics since I was a young boy.  My mission in creating this website to provide quality and genuine content for consumers to access free of charge in order to grow their tech knowledge and ultimately make their future tech purchases more satisfying

The main focus of this website is to provide honest, hands-on reviews of the latest technology products and services. All of the reviews you will read on this site have been carefully constructed through days of extensive use of each and every product or service. The reviews are either written by myself or another one of my writers, but rest assured we always give our honest unbiased opinion on the product or service based on our personal experience without any outside influences. We strive to write the reviews in a matter simple enough that even our least technology-savvy users will be able to understand while still giving advanced readers a concrete idea of what the product or service is capable of.

I discovered the need for an honest and reputable source for technology reviews after finding little success searching for these types of reviews in the past. In many cases, I seemed to find no reviews at all or a low-quality website that had no real experience with a particular product or service. Instead, many of these sites wanted to positively promote a particular product in order to try and earn commissions from sales. Our reviews are 100% genuine and we are not out to trick anyone, our mission is to help you make better decisions on future tech purchases and elevate the average consumer’s post-purchase satisfaction rates regarding the world of technology.

On top of our reviews, we also provide free access to our technical guides, tutorials, and tips to help educate you on the current markets of consumer electronics and services.

Overall, I hope you find this website helpful and I’d love to hear your feedback (good or bad) by leaving a comment or shooting me an email.

Thanks for your continued support!

Zeeshan, Managing Editor

Email: [email protected].com